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WORD BRAINIAC offerings:

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Word Brainiac Daily News Puzzles

    Now featured daily in 8 major national and regional newspapers including Business Mirror, Manila Standard, Panay News, The Daily Guardian (Iloilo), The Visayan Daily Star (Bacolod), and The Freeman (Cebu)


Word Brainiac Puzzle Booklets

  • Are You a Kiddie Word Brainiac

  Contains 100 fun and educational puzzles in 5 original word games designed to build the puzzle solving skills of kids, ages 10 and older, and also enhance their vocabulary in core elementary subjects like English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Filipino

  • Are You a Grown-up Word Brainiac 

     Features 140 smartly challenging and vocabulary-enhancing puzzles in 7 original, “not-your-usual-crossword” puzzles; all are created to stretch to the limit—while having fun—the puzzle solving skills of everyone, age 18 and older

  • Are You an Oldie Word Brainiac

    Offers 140 brain-stimulating, highly entertaining, and vocabulary-enriching puzzles in 7 original, “not-your-usual-word search” puzzles to help everyone, age 50 and older, mentally exercise and keep an alert, memory-active, razor-sharp brain


Word Brainiac Game Sets

  • Word Brainiac Game Set

    Lets you and your friends play not only 1 but 55 different word games; features word betting games for entertainment and vocabulary enhancement

  • Word Bingo Home Edition Game Set

   It's like playing the regular BINGO but instead of numbers, you use letter tiles to form words to win the game. Great for the whole family and among friends!

  • Word Bingo Classroom Edition Game Set

   Excellent alternative learning game set designed to help improve the students' vocabulary in any curricular subject in any grade level. Perfect for the entire classroom!

Coming on January 2019


30+ Word Brainiac Bonus Games

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